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Heating Management System designer, supplier and installer

We are specialists in energy saving Heating Management System along we our principal partner at Intelli Heat we can offer sustainable heating solutions with a short return on investment due to applying cloud based intelligent control which can span over multiple sites by region or the whole country. We offer  a building heating management system capable of better running your heating in any building, more efficiently, cutting costs and C02 emissions.

What Heating Management services we offer

The switch to low-carbon heating systems is vital in achieving the UK’s Net Zero carbon emissions target. Cool-Tech can provide complete turnkey solutions for your commercial sites from physical installation to specific control optimisation and energy monitoring. Our iSense Heating Management System works with the iSense smart wi-fi electric radiators. The purpose of the MySense multi zone Heating Management is to save energy, offering an intelligent electric heating control and energy monitoring for up to 1,000 rooms and 100 Zones.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency within your commercial building, understand your business’s carbon reporting requirements and reduce your energy bills, it may be time to look at the heating system best suited to your business’s requirements.

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iSense Wi-Fi Electric radiators

iSense is a ground-breaking Connected Electric Radiators Intelli Heat introduce a connected product that combines our customer’s most-asked-for energy saving features into one sleek package.

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MySense Heating Management System

The iSense range is simply Wi-Fi connected via your router using IntelliHeat best smart heating controls: iSense Cloud-Based Mobile App, providing users with a accurate programming, smart monitor for each room, intelligent and simple to use, the iSense IOT ( Internet of things) technology is in charge of managing the comfort of the occupants saving an average Up to 30% on your energy bills.

Mysense App and wifi electric Radiators connected to the IOT

Multi zone heating control system

Choosing the right electric heating controls is very important, heating empty rooms or unoccupied areas of the home wastes plenty of energy, so it makes sense to restrict which zones are heated. Our heating control is essentially a central heating management system that constantly increases the efficiency of your heating system and therefore reduces the amount of energy used, you can set individually the heating programs by the minute, remotely manage your electric heating schedules.

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Designer radiators

We supply and install CREATIVE RADIATORS stunning Designer Radiators in vertical or horizontal styles and all colours. Heat Up your home or office with style with our stunning range of Designer Radiators. CREATIVE RADIATORS Designer Radiators are the product of exclusive, sustainable manufacturing processes and dedicated radiant heating patented systems.

Heating Management System Videos

Save energy with the iSense, one of the most technologically advanced Smart Electric Radiator that can be operated with the dedicated Heating management App or via the radiator’s built in touchscreen LCD thermostat.