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Electric Heating Management Services

We offer the latest generation, user-friendly, intuitive, wireless heating management system and connected Wi-fi electric radiators. Be in control of your electric heating and your energy bills from any PC or laptop at anytime.

Modern electric radiators are now efficient enough to be considered a viable, cost-effective alternative to most other central heating options including gas and oil. When combined with solar power and offshore and onshore wind, electric heating is considered the energy of the future.

Affordable Electric Heating Packages

Monitoring, Management, Control and Budget in your home to participate actively in the fight against fuel poverty. MySense Heating Management System works with the iSense smart wi-fi electric radiators. The purpose of the MySense multi zone Heating Management is to save energy, offering an intelligent electric heating control and energy monitoring for up to 1,000 rooms and 100 Zones.

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MySense Heating Management System

Our smart heating management solution allows building owners and managers to remotely control heating in rooms according to occupancy and monitor energy consumptions.

iSense wi-fi Electric Heating System by INTELLIHEAT

Smart Electric Heating

i-Sense WI-fi Electric Radiators and My Sense FREE App Video | IntelliHeat connected solution, the new My-Sense Free App for electric radiators, control your Electric Central Heating using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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Energy monitoring

Our Energy Monitoring System enables delivering and applying energy efficiency measures.

Mysense Heating Management System on PC

one-stop supplier

Electric Central Heating is a one-stop supplier for all your heating, cooling and energy efficiency needs. Simple to set up and use, tamper proof.

What are the types of Heating used in commercial buildings

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators CALI SENSE
  • Types Of Commercial Heating Systems. Commercial Heating Systems are more complex and expensive that those for residential usage.  However now we have a cloud-based control system that is changing the workspace landscape.
  • Natural Energy.  – with the introduction of solar on roof spaces or integrated within the building glazing electric heating is a more sustainable controllable solution.
  • Oil and Gas Steam/Water Heating.    This relies on one large heat source that is then distributed normally via water to radiators.  These systems tend to heat the whole workspace to one setpoint and have no finite control. 
  • Commercial boilers are a pressurised system that use either a combusting fuel or electricity to generate the heat. The electric coils or burners within the boiler put heat into the water within the boiler which in turn pushes steam or hot water via a pipe network to radiators around your workplace to provide warmth.
  • Heat Pumps. – For air or ground source these are a great base heating system, efficient but rely on base temperatures being present to provide the transfer of energy. 

How our Cloud-based Heating management system works

Monitoring, Management, Control and Budget in your home to participate actively in the fight against energy consumptions. 

-Smart ambient temperature sensors adjustment with automatic compensation

-Detailed energy consumption reporting, analyse to achieve performance optimisation

-Opti Sensor to program and adjust hot water settings accordingly.

-The ultimate Heating Management System of your home, remotely manages room by room the electric -heating with guaranteed comfort, monitors your heating budget, understands and forecasts for a perfect -heating control management.

– Heat-Loss Algorithms learns the “heat-loss profile” of each heating zone within your building to apply heating smart usage.

-Set individually the heating programs by the minute, remotely manage your electric heating schedules

-Programme up to 1000 electric radiators, and 100 Zones

-Self-learning Auto program mode

-Integrated Energy Saving Assistant, warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile device

-Turn on or off the electric radiators and adjust the current temperature mode to your preference

-Set the exact temperature level (0.1 degrees) for comfort and economy mode in different rooms or zones

-Choose your heating priority for self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle